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The increase in the popularity of non-bank loans

Loans along with the internet's availability and general availability of information or services record record waves of popularity.

This is confirmed by the "Google Trends" service, which indicates that the first inflow of potential customers interested in financial services, and more precisely - loans, dates back to 2004.

More than 10 years have passed since then, and the loan market is gaining huge increases.

So far, hundreds of companies offering loans for a short loan period have been created, and a high APY - so-called "Chwilówki." And it is not surprising, because if there is demand, the market must be complemented by supply, i.e. new companies, products and offers that must meet the growing needs of customers.

The offer of the mentioned companies turned out to be a hit, and the growing competition only fueled the market and enriched the offers in various promotions that encouraged to use the services. One of the most popular forms of promotion on the Polish market was the so-called "free loans" or "loans without interest", granted at the first loan taken. It was a wise move that provided the parabanks with a powerful base of regular customers.

For a long time, an equally visible element of the fight for the client is raising the proposed loan amounts. Until a few years ago, these companies were limited to amounts in the range of PLN 500- PLN 1000, and now the rates of up to 5,000 are common. Moreover, the trend has confirmed lenders that it is worth offering larger amounts and in the footsteps of Provident or Profi Credit, many products have been created allowing borrowing for a period of up to several years.

An example may be Zaimo, InCredit or VanquisBank, offering financing in the form of a credit card.

As you can see, the Polish loan market has been noticed by investors who are fighting for the client in all possible ways. This is good news for borrowers, because competitiveness allows you to get better and better offers and products. It is worth observing the loan market and changes taking place in it, because it turns out that loans are not only high interest rates and so-called loans. "usury", but also a great way to get cash quickly and free (without interest).

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